Tractor Birthday Cake

Tractor Birthday Cake

Free, Tractor Birthday Cake Ideas !
A tractor shaped birthday cake is perfect for young kids, girls or boys! It is ideal for a farm themed party or for the young tractor enthusiast. If you are looking for a tractor cake design for your child's birthday party, why not follow these easy steps to make a perfect tractor cake, much cheaper than ordering one from your local bakery and guaranteed to be unique! Ensure you check with your child first as not all tractors are the same! Ask them what color / make their favorite tractor is, you don't want to disappoint them by designing the wrong tractor, the designs vary greatly so its best to ask first!
John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, Case, Same, JCB, Zetor, Mc Cormick are just some examples of tractor manufacturers and the tractors they produce all look very different!

Tractor Birthday Cake - What You Will Need

  • Large square shaped cake, you can either bake one or buy a plain cake from you local bakery or store

  • Black icing

  • Blue icing

  • Yellow icing

  • Green icing

  • Red icing

  • White icing

  • Knife

  • Cake Board

Tractor Birthday Cake - How to Decorate the Cake

  1. Buy a large square shaped cake or make one yourself. If you decide to make the cake yourself, make sure you leave it to cool completely before you start icing it!

  2. Using a photo of a tractor, draw an outline of the tractor on the cake (using icing). Check out our tractor image gallery for some inspiration!

  3. With a sharp knife, cut around the tractor outline on the cake. Take your time when cutting otherwise you may have to start over agin with another cake!

  4. Choose the colors required for your tractor and mix the appropriate colors using icing sugar and food coloring

  5. Use black icing to make the outlines of the cake including the tires, windshield, bumpers, etc

  6. Using your chosen colors, fill in the cake and add any lettering required

  7. Leave aside, well out of reach of young children for a fantastic birthday surprise.

Tractor Birthday Cake - Ideas
If you don't feel confident enough to make a cake from scratch, why not just decorate a plain iced cake with toy tractors and other farm related items, plastic farm animals etc?
How about making tractor themed cupcakes instead?
Decorate the top of each cupcake with a tractor outline or buy small fondant animals and place onto of each cupcake.
Another idea is to buy a large toy tractor and trailer, make cupcakes and decorate with yellow icing, place the cupcakes on the trailer and they become hay bales with the toy tractor and trailer doubling as another birthday present!

Tractor Birthday Cake - Trivia Questions
Did you know that the word for tractor comes from the Latin noun trahere meaning "to pull"?
How long has the term tractor been used for? The term tractor has been used since the early 1900's, before that it was referred to as a 'traction engine' meaning "an engine or vehicle for pulling wagons or ploughs". Check out the quiz and trivia sections for more tractor questions and answers!


Tractor Birthday Cake - Puzzle Ideas
Check out the tractor themed Word Searches and Crosswords, they are all free, just print out and enjoy, perfect for tractor themed parties or to include in party bags! Why not read through the tractor joke section - a selection of 'clean' tractor jokes suitable for the whole family.


Tractor Manufacturers - Make and Models!
Case, Caterpillar, David Brown, Ferguson, Ford, Fendt, JCB, Jeep, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, Landini, Massey-Ferguson, Mercedez-Benz, New Holland, Nuffield, Same, Waterloo Boy and Zetor are all tractor manufacturers, there are however many more manufacturers each producing many different models.


Tractor Birthday Cake


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Tractor Birthday Cake